Playing online is very much like playing the real thing. This is very most especially true with playing online casinos. Like with real casinos, a player should know the best Internet sites to play in. As with real casinos, you probably won’t have time to go through every site there is. So how do you solve this dilemma? Simple, instead of looking at individual online casino sites, look for gambling guides that talk them.

One advantage of using gambling guides is that the hassle of looking at individual sites is eliminated. A gambling guide usually lists for you sites that, based on their criteria, are advantageous for you. Criteria included are low initial deposits, good payouts and even extra offers. Being online, these gambling guides also provide you with links you can click to the sites. So what should a good gambling guide contain? A guide should have a list of:
* top online casino internet sites,
* newly opened sites,
* different reviews of particular online casino sites, and
* awards an online casino received.

Of course, if you want to try online casinos, what better way to start your experience that with the best? Thus a gambling guide should have a list of these sites. Being on the top of the list, these sites already have proven results based mainly on the good payouts and extra offers.

Another thing to be included should be a list of new sites. Although they still have to prove their worth, so to speak, being new, these sites often give good offers to entice new players to join. A good guide must also give details on other features of the site. Information such as how your privacy and money is protected.

What good would a guide be without showing the side of the critics? Be it the professional one or just your average Joe, you should also read the reviews. It is also good to know not only the good things but also the possible negative. It is also advisable to be on top of the latest trend in online gambling so guides should also have news. Most important, a gambling guide most show what honors an online casino site has received. It should also say if a site it is accredited and legal. You wouldn’t want to play in a site that would later be shutdown because it wasn’t following the law.

A player who is interested in playing online must keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect guide. However, the categories illustrated here are some of the basic and most essential. Most of all, a gambling guide should give you the facts you need fast and easy.