The Hall of God’s slot machine is 5-reel game, featuring 20 pay lines based entirely on Norse mythology. It doesn’t come as a surprise then that the characters featured on the symbols are Norse gods like Odin, Loki, Freya and Idun. The game itself is quite impressive looking from a graphical perspective. It isn’t the cutting edge cinematic-filled, richly animated game that some of the blockbuster themed slots are. Its graphics are rather reminiscent of highly detailed 2-D real-time strategy games, and when it comes to this reviewer, that sort of feature rings all the right bells. The animations in the game are smooth and the sounds are indeed pleasant and fitting proper for the theme of the game. The company behind the game is Net Entertainment, a veteran of the online slots scene.

The Hall of Gods slots allow a wide range of player bets. Recreational players will be pleased to learn that they can bet as little as €.01. Of course the game is well-suited for high rollers too: the maximum bet weighs in at an astonishing €50. The game features wild symbols (the Dragon) which tend to expand on the reels and offer some generous bonuses. The scatter symbol is the one responsible for launching the free spin round.

The scatter symbol is the crow and it launches a round which consists of 20 free spins. The free spin bonus round features a 3X multiplier, which means that whatever players win during this round will be automatically multiplied by three. There is a bonus game in the Hall of Gods too. The bonus game is launched by the hammer and shield symbol and it offers several jackpots. There is a mini jackpot a midi one and a mega one which is obviously the biggest. The actual jackpot amounts are listed at the top of the main game screen all the time.

The bottom line: Hall of Gods is an entertaining slot machine which isn’t stingy with the prizes that it awards. It is also available for free play in several places, so players can take it for a test spin before they actually invest real money into it.

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