How do casinos set bonus amounts?

Online casino bonuses are not free money to play. And you almost cannot win with this bonus-money. Do not claim casino bonuses.

It is well known that each casino game has RTP. In general the RTP is somewhat between 90% and 99,51%. And in average the whole casino has RTP somewhat close to 96,5%. Knows this, everybody can easy figure out what is sense of the casino bonus.

The bonuses were introduced to attract additional players to casinos. And newbie players can think that this is free money to play. And it is almost truth, almost but not full. It would be full truth if there were not additional conditions that come with mostly every bonus. These conditions are wagering requirements. Usually wagering requirements sound like a player must make bets on the sum equivalent to the bonus amount multiplied by a multiplier. E.g. a player get bonus €100, according a casino’s term and conditions the multiplier is 30. It means that the player must make bets on €3,000 until she/he will be allowed to withdraw the money.

But how casinos decide that the multiplier is 30 (or 40, or whatever)? The answer is clear, and easy to figure out. It is become obvious from the following calculation.

Casino gives the player €100, wagering requirements is €3,000 (multiplied by 30). With RTP 96,5% in general after the player makes bets on €3,000 casino will get back €105

What does it mean? It means that by the time the player makes bets on €3,000 its balance will be close to €0 or she/he will already play on her/his own money.

But there is even worse thing, if the player plays on bonus money and wins something, this winning come back to casino, because of the wagering requirement. She/he cannot withdraw money until the wagering requirements are cleared.

What is the conclusion of the topic? Never ever claim bonuses, until you fully understand the picture behind the casino bonus. Play your own money, and you will have real fun at online casino.